Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson, Andy Wilson & Sam Bhok

Join Gilles Peterson and Sam Bhok live from the Brownswood Basement for a four hour morning special. This week in anticipation of Beat Hotel taking place in Ibiza next week, Andy Wilson joins for a special selection playing records from the collection of balearic legend Jose Padilla, who left his incredible collection to Andy when he passed away.

Machine - Headhunter [We Want Sounds]

Louis "Perica" Ortiz Orchestra - Mensajero De La Salsa [Perico Records]

Gertrude Seinin - Si Tellement [Selina Rese]

Amelinha - Galope Razante [CBS]

Rodena Preston & Voices Of Deliverance - Be A Friend [Beegee Records]

Roy Haynes Quartet - Little Sunflower [Blue Marge]

Centre Of The World - Centre Of The World Pt. 1 [Centre Of The World]

The Walkers - Van Nuys Blvd. 10pm [Bux Music]

War - Galaxy [MCA Records]

Brooklyn Express - Back In Time (The Scott Special Disco Mix) [BC Records]

Micky Milan - Quand Tu Danses (Instrumental) [Betino's Records]

John Lee & Gerry Brown - Infinite Jones [Keytone]

Takuro Okada - A Love Supreme [NEWHERE Music]

Mark Holder - Music Turns Me On [Dervia]

Roger Damawuzan - Red Light [Hot Casa]

Raul Marrero - Perdoname [Mericana]

Seguida - On Our Way To Tomorrow [Fania]

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