Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson Live Sessions 2021

Tune in for a two hour morning show from Gilles Peterson as he rounds up 2021 with highlights of Brownswood Basement live sessions from throughout the year. Featuring exclusive content from Vels Trio, Lady Blackbird, Eddie Chacon, Rosie Frater-Taylor and many more

Eddie Chacon - Papa

Eddie Chacon - Pleasure Joy & Happiness

Eddie Chacon - Hurt

Lady Blackbird - Blackbird

Lady Blackbird - Beware The Stranger

Rosie Frater-Taylor - Better Days

Rosie Frater-Taylor - Think About You

Rosie Frater-Taylor - Hey

Vels Trio - May As Well Be

Vels Trio - Pop Stuff

Vels Trio - McEnroe

Secret Night Gang - Journey

Secret Night Gang - Captured

Ill Considered - (Improvised) Brownswood Basement Live Session

Anteloper - (Improvised) Brownswood Basement Live Session

Raquel Martins - Mountains

Raquel Martins - Untrue

The Vernon Spring - What’s Going On

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