Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Eddie Chacon, John Carroll Kirby and Future Bubblers

Tune in for a four hour extended morning show from Gilles Peterson, live from Brownswood Basement.

This week, Gilles is joined by singer Eddie Chacon and the producer and multi-instrumentalist John Carroll Kirby for an intimate stripped back live session and interview. Selassie and Claudia from Future Bubblers also drop by to talk about the latest release from the initiative.

Eddie Chacon - Pleasure Joy & Happiness [Stones Throw]

Michael Franks - On My Way Home To You [Warner Bros]

Yumi Matsutoya - Kage Ni Natte [Express]

Turtle - Hethland Haze [Re:warm]

Stanley Clarke - Unexpected Days [Polydor]

Pat Martino - Footprints [Cobblestone]

Jelly Cleaver - Black Line [Gearbox Recordings]

Terrace Martin ft. Hit-Boy, Kamasi Washington & Robert Glasper - Griots Of The Crenshaw District [Sounds Of Crenshaw]

Terrace Martin - Leave Us Be [Sounds Of Crenshaw]

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown [Columbia]

Round Robin - Our Love Is So True [Luv N' Haight]

B. Baker Chocolate Company - Snowblower [Lester Radio Corporation]

Secret Night Gang - Live Your Life [Brownswood Recordings]

Muriel Grossman - Happiness [Dreamlandrecords]

Archie Shepp - A Prayer [Impulse!]

Jeff Parker - Suffolk [International Anthem]

John Martyn & Beverly Martyn - Auntie Aviator [Island Records]

Neil Young - Old Man [Reprise]

Steve Kuhn - Hold Out Your Hand [Buddah Records]

Kraog Kilby - Lately [Just Us Records]

Izangoma - City Lights [Brownswood Recordings]

Tara Clerkin Trio - Done Before [World Of Echoes]

Magoya - The Most Beautiful Lie ft. Ella Knight [Future Bubblers]

Mark Cake - Hoon [Future Bubblers]

Ella Knight - It Don't Matter [Future Bubblers]

NeOne The Wonderer - Nose Dive [Future Bubblers]

Conrad Ellis - Make It Last [Future Bubblers]

Eddie Chacon & John Carroll Kirby Brownswood Basement Live Session

Eddie Chacon - Papa [WWFM Live Session]

Eddie Chacon - Pleasure Joy & Happiness [WWFM Live Session]

Eddie Chacon - Hurt [WWFM Live Session]

John Caroll Kirby - P64 By My Side [Stones Throw]

John Caroll Kirby - The Quest Of Chico Hamilton [Stones Throw]

John Caroll Kirby - Swallow Tail [Stones Throw]

John Caroll Kirby - Weep [Stones Throw]

Eddie Chacon - Outside [Day End Records]

John Caroll Kirby - Sensing Not Seeing [Stones Throw]

John Caroll Kirby - Rainmaker [Stones Throw]

John Caroll Kirby - Nucleo [Stones Throw]

Eddie Chacon - Wicked World [Day End Records]

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