Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Lady Blackbird & Andy Votel

Lock in for four hours in the Brownswood Basement and Gilles is joined live in session by the incredible Lady Blackbird.

Join us for a packed show in the Brownswood Basement as Gilles Peterson kicks off the show by playing Andy Votel's incredible DJ set from We Out Here 2021, before being joined by the incredible jazz vocalist Lady Blackbird for a special live session and interview.

Harris Chalkitis - Time Is Over [Barclay]

Fairport Convention - Autopsy [Island Records]

Jackson - Pretty Bird [Americana]

Michal Urbaniak - Free [Marlin]

Michal Urbaniak - A Day In The Park [Marlin]

Sergio Mendes - The Reak Thing [Concord Records]

Nouvelle Vague - Loa Loa [Chancy Records & Tapes]

Los Tios Queridos - Sabor A Todo Lo Lindo [RCA]

Rene Bloch - Mr Latin's Mambo [Atco]

Geraldo Cunha - Lamento Nago [Audio Fidelity]

Steve Parks - Sadness In My Samba [Reynolds Records]

Dee Felice Trio - The Crickets Sing (DK Edit) [Bethlehem]

Nathan Fake - Dinamo [Traum Schallplatten]

Julio Bashmore - Well Wishers [Futureboogie]

Eddie Harris - Exodus [Vee Jay Records]

The Skatalites - Exodus [Port-O-Jam]

Yusef Lateef - Before Dawn [Verve Records]

Yusef Lateef - Love Theme From Spartacus [Prestige]

Web Web - Satori Ways (ft. Brandee Younger) [Compost Records]

Akendengue - Orie II [Saravah]

Oiro Pena - Pada Lada [2 Headed Deer]

The Children & Edith Hill - In Old L.A. [The Peppered Snowfall]

Robert - Porridge [Antelope Records]

Archie Whitewater - Lament For The Walking Dead [Cadet Concept]

Vano 3000 - Running Away [Innovative Leisure]

Rosie Lowe - Afterlife Pt. 2 [Blue Flowers Music]

Masabumi Kikuchi - Circle/Line [CBS/Sony]

Lady Blackbird Live Session

Lady Blackbird - Angel Dream [Live Brownswood Basement Session]

Lady Blackbird - Five Feet Tall [Live Brownswood Basement Session]

Lady Blackbird - Beware The Stranger [Live Brownswood Basement Session]

Lady Blackbird - It’ll Never Happen [Live Brownswood Basement Session]

Lady Blackbird - Blackbird [Live Brownswood Basement Session]

Lady Blackbird - Fix It [Live Brownswood Basement Session]

Lady Blackbird - Collage (Greg Foat Remix) [Compost Records]

Lady Blackbird - Collage (Calibre Remix) [Compost Records]

Marlena Shaw - Look At Me, Look At You (we’re Flying) [Columbia]

Marlena Shaw - I’m Back For More [Columbia]

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