Brownswood Basement with Gilles Peterson // 09-06-20

Tune in for a 2-hour show from Gilles Peterson to start your day, coming to you live from Brownswood Basement. Tracklist:

torb the roach & floppy machine - sløy gange
paul bryan - pyramid scheme
awkward corners - he was together
aksak maboul - c’est charles
sauce and dogs - sauce and dogs
sauce and dogs - wax and buff
sauce and dogs - smash and grab
lunch money life - superego
diabolical liberties - river of sound
carlos nino - for the people (featuring devin daniels and jamael dean)
human songs - clotilde
thomas agergaard quartet - for men in love
duval timothy - slave (feat twin shadow)
norah jones - hurts to be alone
kassa overall featuring vijay iyer - was she happy (for geri allen)
compro oro - ben
compro oro - murmur
run the jewels - walking in the snow
spencer jackson family and the pharaohs - bring peace to the world
james black revolution - look in your eye
jorja smith - rose rouge
79rs gang - brand new day
nuff petals feat breezy lee - last curse
paul murphy - jazz room (spiritual south vs alex patchwork)
barney mccall - precious energy (mike gurrieri remix)
cassowary - she funked me

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