Brownswood Basement with Gilles Peterson // 19-05-20

Tune in for a 2-hour show from Gilles Peterson to start your day, coming to you live from Brownswood Basement. Tracklist:

spiritual vibes - scheme supreme
frank spirit and keys of lynx - virtue
athletic progression - japan
Liam - why don’t I feel
jon brion - he needs me
kate bush - army dreamers
kaitlyn aurelia smith - expanding electricity
jose james - the dreamer
kassa overall - landline (feat carlos overall)
william parker - song of hope
oiro pena - awrir
freelektron - tenho
ola szmidt - better future
frythm - like a flower
nick hakim - whoo
skinshape - in the end
engelbert humperdinck - from here to eternity
galliano - slack hands
dan michaelson - colourfield (prelude)
hugh b / setwun - a part of us all
hugh b / setwun - yeah definitely
jones girls - who can I run to
kalima - (where is the) sunshine Pt 2
julie coker - ere yon
jon lucien - sunny day (live)
ruby rushton - sun khosi

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