Brownswood Basement with Gilles Peterson // 27-04-20

Tune in for a 2-hour show from Gilles Peterson to start your day, coming to you live from Brownswood Basement. Tracklist:


elysian spring - lotus
hamilton bohannon - think of me
hamilton bohannon - its time for peace
hamilton bohannon - happiness
hamilton bohannon - love is fading
hamilton bohannon - save their souls
hamilton bohannon - come dance with me
hamilton bohannon - I got to stay funky
hamilton bohannon - foot stompin’ music
hamilton bohannon - take the country to NY city (Pt 2)
l j reynolds - key to the world
leroy hutson - wisdom
cymande - bra (louie vega version feat James Preston live at Sound factory Bar 94)
strata - aspects
judy roberts - the other world
cedar walton - latin america
sabu martinez - sol
roland kirk - making love after hours
dee felice trio - nightingale
lionel hampton with bohannon - happiness

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