Brownswood Basement with Gilles Peterson

Tune in for a 2-hour show from Gilles Peterson to start your day, coming to you live from Brownswood Basement. Tracklist:

asher gamedze - movement 3 synthesis
web web - warlock
idris ackamoor and the pyramids - tango of love
soul power - the water rooms
jk group - lennie
farnell newton - pippin’ and runnin’
laurent bardainne & tigre d’eau douce - star 5 (featuring anthony joseph)
jeff parker and the new breed - max brown
heroes are gang leaders - hurt cult
gary bartz and maisha - leta’s dance
obradovic - tidier duo - seeking a soul
vula viel - what’s not enough
john carroll kirby - blueberry beads
manila woods - miles
butcher brown - tidal wave
l’eclair - dallas
underground canopy - decisions
underground canopy - tony sendo
zeitgeist freedom energy exchange - river run deep
moses boyd - stranger than fiction
muriel grossman - your pace
shabaka and the ancestors - you’ve been called
jacob samuel and ben vince - fig 3
kahil el zabar - songs for myself
jamael dean - old ways

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