Brownswood Basement with Gilles Peterson: Dance Fridays // 24-04-20

Tune in for a 2-hour show from Gilles Peterson to start your day, coming to you live from Brownswood Basement. Tracklist:

hozan yamamoto -in-a bushi
billy gault - the time of the world is at hand
shirley scott - don’t look back
eddie jefferson - chameleon
nst cophies - bian cou
fania all stars - back to my roots
bebeto - preto velho (tapioca discos re edit)
block 16 - morning sun featuring jon lucien (pepe braddock remix)
jamiroquai - emergency on planet earth (london rican mix)
adrenalin - feel the real
strata - aspects
omar - its so
vanessa simon - revelation
breakwater - say you love me girl
52nd street - look into my eyes
sylvia striplin - searching
heatwave - goin’ crazy
tranquility bass - cantamilla
dj food - consciousness (ashley beadle remix)
ramsey lewis - slick
king of the jungle / dextrous - sunny smiles….(people)
smith and mighty - walk on by

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