Cape Town: Simbad with Gina Jeanz, Mr. Blasé, J.Cue & Smoolana // 19-02-20

Monthly show from Simbad, long-standing Brownswood curator and producer. Simbad is coming to you live from Cape Town. He is joined by Namibian DJ and  producer Gina Jeanz, Capetonian DJ and producer Mr. Blasé along with curators and DJs J.Cue and Smoolana. Tracklist:


Djamou Sangaré - Ngorongo
Vuma Levin – Hashtag
Knxwledge – Howtokope
Wun.Eye – Get This Money
LNDFK – Catch Your Breath
RHI – How Deep
Action Bronson – Dmtri
Okay Temiz & Johnny Dyani – Karadeniz Dalgalari
Otakhee – Exhale
Rejoicer – Lemons ft. Jenny Penkin
Edmondson – Loop Finding (4 Jo)
Ratgrave – Theme From Metronome
Blair French – Genes (Loose Fit)
Jcue Deep Dealer //
Griffith Malo – Raw Grooves
Needle - Hermetic Thoth
Oscar Mbo – Zar ft Yuri
Blaqkongo – The Healer
Winans Brothers feat. Clark Sisters - Dance (Louie Vega Ritual Mix)
Simbad Back //
Linkwood & Foat – Mysterious Richie
Lay-Far - Naïve
Galcher Lustwerk – Life
Gina Jeanz – Tropic City ft Mumbi (Simbad Suite)
Dj Lag
Mr Blasé //
Mr Blasé – Kusturica’s Tropical Storm
Mr Blasé - Dragus Express
Mr Blasé – Transylvania Minor Funk
Mr Blasé – Sealskin
Mr Blasé – Cry The Beloved
Mr Blasé – Drums Of Truth
Mr Blasé – FFU
Simbad //
Deft – Zimma
Dj Polo – Play Play
Dizraeli – Freak Out (Simbad Brexit Dub)
Nan Kole x Dj Tess – Gimme Any Riddim Feat. NyNy
Ossie – 38 Weeks
Surreal Sessions – Sagat
Future Beat Alliance – Never Forever
Ruf Dug – Techno Cave
Chip E – Its House (Jamie 326 Edit)
Flore – Coded Language
G3 – One For Jlin
Steve Spacek – African Dreams
Flava D – Mesmerise
Gina Jeanz //
Pl4net Dust – Kalua
Ngozi - Gyal Dem Dem Dre
Gafacci – Kaala
Hagan x Gafacci – Yenko
Maramza – Rukis Red Dress
Cash From Hash – Emergency Exit
Alex Martian – Cereal
Dunn Kidda – Beam Back
Kaasi – Who You Are
Sarah Farina & Simbad feat. Tish – Same Frequency (SMBD Headphones Dub)

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