Channel One // 06-11-19

Channel One is one of the most iconic dub crews in the world. They continue their monthly residency with two hours of dub and roots classics. Tracklist:

Jah Mason - Contenental Universal Accustic [Sip A Cup Records]
Jah Mason - Continental Universal [Sip A Cup Records]
Fabian Miranda - Destiny [Fox]
The Itals - Jah Glory [On Top Records]
Tyrone Taylor - Life Table [Wolf]
Ras Teo - Down In The Middle East [Bomb Bass Hi Fi]
Lone Ark Riddim Force - Middle East Dub [Bomb Bass Hi Fi]
Sacka Tulloch - Free The Children [Fox]
Prince Alla - Songs Of Love [Own Mission Records]
Prince Alla - Songs Of Dub [Own Mission Records]
Jah Mason - No Joke [Jah Warrior Records]
Jah Warrior - Serious Dub [Jah Warrior Records]
Al Campbell - Unfaithful Children [Greensleeves]
Johnnie Clarke & The Agrovators - Poor Marcus [Jackpot]
King Tubby's & The Agrovators - A Harder Version [Jackpot]
The Observer - Give Her My Love [Observer]
Danny Red - Far Over [River Bank Records]
Danny Red - Far Over (Version Mix 1) [River Bank Records]
Scooped Ft. Danny Ranks - Worldwide Slaughter [Sub Audio Records]
Scooped Ft. Danny Ranks - Worldwide Dub [Sub Audio Records]
Vin Gordon - Hard Shell [Head Strong]
Vivian Jones - Babylon Dun [Head Strong]
Dub Judah - Better To Be Good [Dubquake Records]
Daweh Congo - Africa Must Organise & Centralise [River Bank Records]
Youthie - Rebel Horns [All Nations Records]
Winston Fergus - Peace Of The Morning [Mellow Vibes]
Winston Fergus - Peace Of The Dub [Mellow Vibes]
Satta Dub Riddim Foundation - Ghetto Dub [Satta Dub Records]
Soloman James Brown - Jammin' Dub [AHA Universal]

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