Channel One // 13-03-19

Channel One is one of the most iconic dub crews in the world. They continue their monthly residency with two hours of dub and roots classics. Tracklist:

Lloyd Hemmings - Africa [Jama Music]
Al Campbell - Big Man [Reggae Road]
Ghetto Priest - Frontline [Conscious Sounds]
El Indio - Warzone [Meditative Sounds]
El Indio - Warzone Dub [Meditative Sounds]
Sista Beloved - Rastafari [Reggae Remedy]
Keety Roots - Rebel Soul [Black Legacy Records]
Keety Roots - Rebel Horns Digistep [Black Legacy Records]
Starky Banton - I & I Saw Dem Coming [Dub Organiser]
Digital English - Close Call Pt. 2 [Digital English]
Digital English - Close Encounter Dub [Digital English]
Twinkle Brothers - One Head [Twinkle]
Iron Sound - It's A Roadblock [Iron Sound Records]
Iron Sound - It's A Roadblock Dub [Iron Sound Records]
Benny Cruz - Hear My Cry [Ma-Kaya Records]
Benny Cruz - Hear My Cry Dub [Ma-Kaya Records]
Benjammin - Let The Rain Fall [A-Lone productions]
Milton Henry - Salvation [Breadwinners]
Milton Henry - Dub Salvation [Breadwinners]
Benjammin - Mother Earth [A-Lone productions]
Idren Leeroy - Donne Du Mercy [Steppin' Forward]
Idren Leeroy - Dub du Merca [Steppin' Forward]
Price Alla - The Stone [Shieldrum Records]
The Raw Rhythm Section - Raw Dub [Roots Unity]

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