Classic Album Sundays Exploring Japan with Audio-Technica EP 3 // 28-03-21

Tune in at midday today as Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy continues our four-part series exploring four classic Japanese albums with some of our favourite DJs and radio hosts from Japan. The series is presented with Audio-Technica and features in-depth conversations with Mari* Kimura, Shuya Okino, Dazzle Drums and Toshio Matsuura. Each guest presents their favourite albums by a Japanese artist and we hear the story behind the albums, as well as each guest’s personal connection to it. Our guest for episode three of Classic Album Sundays Exploring Japan with Audio-Technica is Dazzle Drums, who have chosen Kuniyuki Takahashi’s “All These Things”. Dazzle drums are Nagi & Kei Sugano, a duo whose music and DJ sets have moved dancefloors across the world. In the episode they pay tribute to a more recent Japanese Classic album, giving some of the story behind it and explaining why “All These Things” is such an inspiration to them as producers and DJs.

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