Clever Austin // 04-04-19

Tune in to listen to a special DJ mix of just some of many inspirations from Clever Austin's records at home. "So many tunes and artists out there past and present that I wish I could have shared. Here is a taste of some sounds and spaces that inspires me." Clever Austin's "Pareidolia' is also Morning Mari*'s album of the week for this week. Read more here.

Hereton Salvanini - Só [Continental]
Clever Austin - Mist [Touching Base, Wondercore island]
Far East family band - Amanezcan [Nippon Columbia]
Herbie Hancock - Hornets [Music On Vinyl]
Haroumi Honoso - Dark Side Of The Star [Non Standard]
Sven Libaek - And Beyond [Votary Records]
Bob Mazurel - Alternate Moon Cycles [International Anthem]
Pannalal Ghosh - Raag Yaman [The Gramophone Company Of India]
George duke - Mashauu [Basf]
The pyramids - Sheba’s Dance [Disko B]
Sun Ra - The Outer Darkness Part 1 [Norton Records]
Barracuda - Estilo Classico [CBD]
Tony Allen - Gbedu [Honest Jon’s Records]
Teebs - Burner [Brain Feeder]
Les Baxter - Jungle River Boat [capitol records]
Clever Austin - Spekle Part 2 / Touching Base, [Wondercore Island]
Sven Libaek - Main Title Theme [Votary Records]
Ju Ju - A Message From Mozambique [Black Fire]
Mandrill - Universal Rhythms [Polydor]
Ondekozi - Yumigahama [Victor]
Drums of India - Pakhawaj [HMV]
Black Orpheus - Carnival Fever [Phillips]
Janka Nabay and The Babu Gang - Feba [Luaka Bop]
Dembo Konte and Kausu Kuyateh - Mamma Manneh [Rogue Records]
Super Djata De Bamoko - Konadou [Kindred Spirits]
Karantamba - Dimba Nyima [Teranga Beat]
Mastermind Mahmoud Gania [Hive Mind Records]
Aby Ngana - Yaye Penda Mbaye [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Takamba - Taliat nouhirase [
Clever Austin - Utopia [Touching Base and Wondercore Island]
Mad Lib - Distant Land [Blue Note Records]
Roots Manuva - Big Tings Gwidarn [Big Dada Recordings]
Cosmology EP - It’s About That Time [Fat beats]
Clever Austin - Mothership Strip [Touching Base and Wondercore Island]

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