Closer to the Sun: Quixosis with FE

Polibio Mayorga is one of the most prolific musicians in ecuadorian history. As a keyboardist, he was revolutionary; not only did he have mercurial fingers, but he also possessed an affinity for the use of new technology. He was the first Ecuadorian to use a moog and had a preference for quirky pitch envelopes and strident melodic leads. His work influenced musicians of the Peruvian psychedelic cumbia scene, and his compositions were covered by the likes of Los Wembler’s de Iquitos, and Afrosound. For the second hour of the show Quixosis and musician/visual artist FE (Fidel Eljuri) are exploring new electronic frequencies including afropolish, ambient hip hop, non-binary future tropicália, and andean dembow.

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