Closer to the Sun: Quixosis with Malafama

The Inti Raymi, also known as the San Juan, is a celebration of solstice and harvest and is the festival of the SUN where Indigenous communities come together in massive gatherings to celebrate with food, dance and music. In cultures with solar religions, Quito and the surrounding regions including Caranqui were considered sacred due to their proximity to the sun, which made the inti raymi and equinoccial events particularly special. The dances of the inti raymi are trance inducing, and immersive, with spirals of musicians and dancers encircling each other while stomping their feet in what we call “zapateo”. people drink fruit wines and hard liquors like pajaro azul, and the vibe is intense and cathartic. Inti Raymi marks the end and beginning. it is a cycle of renewal and release. Tracklist:

La Persistencia de los Sueños - Solsticios [Llaquiglla 2002]

Luis Alberto Sampedro - Pim Pim Pom [Onix 1975]

Luis A. Morán - Mi Fiesta [Novedades 1988]

Los Barrieros - Palomita [Audio Remi 1981]

Luis Amable Sevilla y su Flautín - Bailemos Guambrita [Mellpro 1986]

Ñanda Mañachi - Huayno Llaquiglla [Llaquiglla 1979]

Ñanda Mañachi - Trigu Ucupi [Llaquigla 1979]

Humazapas - Han Chagra [Anta records 2018]

[guestmix by MALAFAMA headphones recomended]

Zapateo (malafama blend) / unreleased

Quinchuquimanda Imbayacuna - Yuracruz [Llaquiglla 1979]

Ñanda mañachi - ???? [llaquiglla 1979]

Ñanda mañachi - Paniguta Cayahuay / [self released 2000]

Ñanda mañachi - Hualin Hualin (mala fama blend) [self released 2020]

Rupai Comunicaciones -Calera Field Recordings [unreleased 2017]

Rupai Comunicaciones -Calera Field Recordings [unreleased 2017]

Rupai Comunicaciones - San Juan Capilla Field Recordings [unreleased 2017]

Rupai Comunicaciones - Inti Raymi Killa (Movie) [unreleased 2017]

Charijayac - Pajaro Azul [KAZOO MUSIC 2018]

Charijayac - Punyaro Tushuy [KAZOO MUSIC 2008]

Conjunto Peguche - Inti Raymi [self released 1981]

Quinchuquimanda Imbayacuna - Cachiguanguito [Llaquiglla 1979]

Pawkarmayta - Ctrl Alt Sol [Eck Echo 2019]

Luzmila_Carpio - Ch'uwa Yaku Kawsaypuni (Nicola Cruz Remix) [zzk 2015]

Quixosis - Destrancadera [self released 2018]

Lascivio Bohemia - From Perú To Berlin [Edmoon 2019]

Crvzloma - Mitos & Ritos 2 [Unreleased]

Chabuca Granda - Cardó o ceniza (DengueDengueDengue Remix) [Self Released 2015]

Background track: Zoroxxe - Vértigo [También 2019]

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