Closer to the Sun with Quixosis

Aptly labelled as witchcraft in the not so distant past, synchopation is said to be one of the most ancient forms of musical expression and it is also one pathway to experiences beyond our physical body. On this episode of "Closer To The Sun", the season of the sun and lion in the northern hemisphere, Quixosis brings us a synchopated summer selection focused on polyrythmia and synchopated mathematical structures that create dynamic and unpredictable flows. Starting with Peruvian waltz and making our way through San Juanito grooves in the high Ecuadorian andes; we then find our way through ambient labyrinths and warm coastal valleys, into the poly-rhtymic highways of the future.

Simon Diaz - Tonada de Luna Llena [1974]

Los Kipus - Mi Cariñito

Biluka y el Conjunto Orquestal CAIFE - Fina Estampa [CAIFE 1964]*

Luis Alberto Sampedro - Camintio Mio [Rondador 1976]*

Franklin Suarez y su conjunbto - Con un Nuevo Dia [unknown label/year]*

Polibio Mayorga y Segundo Dueñas - Bandolin Serrano [rondador 1978]*

Unknown artist - Descarga barbacoana [Arion 1979]*

unknown artist - Josefa Maria [Arion 1979]*

A Pilar Arroz [llaquiclla 1986]*

Rio Mira - Patacore [Aya Records 2017]*

Quixosis - Cascada [Sama Recordings / +ambién 2019]*

Susobrino - Despertar [Rebel Up! 2019]

Pippin x Cookie - Circlar [Project Cucurron Mixtape 2020]

Felipe Granda - Psycho Dub [Canal Dub 2020]*

Numa Gama - Chapéu [Voodoohop 2020]

Mente Orgánica - Palenk [Fértil Discos 2020]

Quixosis - Jeta de Santo [Unreleased 2020]*

Quixosis - Loba [unreleased 2020]*

Clap Clap - Earnest [2016]

Susobrino - La marcha [Rebel Up! 2019]

DJ Raff - El Trip [Canal Dub World Riddims 6 2020]*

DJ Python - Alejandro [2017]

Dengue Dengue Dengue - Buscando

Joaquin Cornejo - Untitled [unreleased 2020]*

Siete Catorce - Limón [Unreleased 2020]

Paramo Cumbie - Cogelo [Edmoon 2019]*

EVHA - Despacio, Adentro [Aya 2018]*

Danilo Arroyo - Tera Tera [Canal Dub 2017]*

Las Hermanas - Convoy [+ambién 2020]*

Quixosis - Lisergium Tremens (Joaquin Cornejo Remix) [self released 2020]*

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