Closer To The Sun with Quixosis: Ecuadorian Cumbia Rebajada

On his birthday show, Quixosis takes us on a quest through the world of pitched down Ecuadorian cumbia. Ecuadorian Cumbia emerged in the 1960s as a rsponse to the growing popularity of the genre in colombia. Eventually with the rise of the Petroleum Boom, Ecuadorian society entered a perios of cultural restructuring, that saw the move of massive amounts of people from the country into the city. This brought the rise of urban culture and with it, created a ripe environment for tropical sounds and movements to inmiscuate themselves into the local sound. Born from a mutation of the San Juanito, Ecuadorian Cumbia has thrived for many decades, from the traditional to the electronic. In This show we go deep into the roots of Ecuadorian Cumbia, with two hours of pitched down rebajadas from the andean region.

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