Club Coco: New York Latino // 28-11-20

Coco Maria is a digger and selectora, specialising in Brazilian, South and Central American, Caribbean wax and irresistible slices of samba, jazz, charanga, cumbia, alongside all sorts of rarities from sunnier, far-off places. Mixed with her unconditioned energy, Coco will keep your feet busy while making your mind embark on a trip to the warmer side of the musical world. This month Coco focuses on New York, as it was the last city she visited just days before lockdown started. She had a chance to quickly explore areas, venues and people who are part of the Latin music community. She witnessed how parties, labels and gigs keep Latin music alive, growing, and evolving. She invited Nickodemus, Mickey Perez, Julissa, DJ Tres Dos, Names You Can

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