Coconut Beats: HAAi // 22-04-19

HAAi’s Coconut Beats shows explore psychedelic sounds from around the globe. With each episode focusing on a specific country or region, as she does with her Coconut Beats party series, she spotlights upcoming artists from each place she sonically visits.

CAIN - Cajal [Highlife]
Olaf Stuut - Crown Shyness [Atomnation]
Nicola Cruz - Okami [ZZK Records]
Auntie Flo - Desert Island [Glasgow Underground]
DJ Python - Las Palmas [Incienso]
JD Twitch - Maya [Autonomous Africa]
CAIN - Bakhtin [Highlife]
Green Ink - Party [Highlife]
Nicola Cruz - Obsidiana [ZZK Records]
Talamanca System - Conga Cage [Self-Released]
CAIN - Atai [Highlife]
O’Flynn - Sunspear [Unknown]
C.Da Afro - Espresso [Samosa Italy]
Four Tet - The Track I’ve Been Playing [Unknown]
Gerry Reid - It’ll Be Over (DJ Koze Remix) [White Label]
Green Ink - Human Catapults [Highlife]
MIDLAND - Safi [Autonomous Africa]
Unknown Artist - Unknown [Unknown]
Unknown Artist - Unknown [Unknown]
Dew Town Mayor Feat. Noel Rasendrason - Erosion [Micronautics]
Softmal - Elevation (Original Mix) [Minus Mal’s Records]
CAIN - Hoji [Highlife]
Nicola Cruz - Siku [ZZK Records]
Mark Barrett - Cirrus Cumulus [White Label]
Astraea - Trippin’ Jaguar [Amselcom]
Steppin Robot - Unknown Track [Unknown]

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