Coconut Beats: HAAi // 28-01-19

HAAi’s Coconut Beats shows explore psychedelic sounds from around the globe. With each episode focusing on a specific country or region, as she does with her Coconut Beats party series, she spotlights upcoming artists from each place she sonically visits.

Sandoz - Nightmale [Unknown]
Naam - Shame On Us [Unknown]
Space Drum Attention - Atencao [Unknown]
Nicola Cruz - Unreleased [Unreleased]
Dionigio - Juca Drums [Quantistic Division]
Dao Bandon - Lae Pattana Bean Meuang [Paradise Bangkok]
Public Image - Socialist [Universal Island Records]
Liquid Liquid - Optimo [Universal-Island Records]
Unreleased - Unreleased [Unreleased]
Georgia - Import Through [Unknown]
Niagra - Mustor [F T D ]‎
Clap! Clap! - Ode To The Pleiades (Photay Remix) [Black Acre Records]
Nicola Cruz - Obsidiana [ZZK Records]
Dionigio - Summertime In Bangladesh [Quantistic Division]
Anatolia Weapons - Disillusion [Dekmantel]
Die Orangen - Yaranabe [Malka Tuti]
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Hard-Boiled Babe [ZE Records]
Space Lady - Major Tom [Upset The Rhythm]
Nicola Cruz - Unreleased [Unreleased]
Phoreski - Proud To Be A Joker [Fat Fuk Recordings]
Florian Hollerith - Ohrenzirkus [Cocoon Recordings]
PauloR - Paulor's Blues [Hippie Dance]
Ess O Ess - Flamingos & Wombals & Blue Oyster Cult [Not An Animal Records]
Gerry Rafferty - Right Down The Line [Parlophone UK]

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