Colin Curtis

Tune in for a three hour show from the legendary Colin Curtis as he blends in jazz, soul and funk. Expect jazz, dance and fusion from all around the world with fantastic undiscovered music from Brazil (44 years later!) and new music from Leeds and London. Plus music from Cuba, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, USA and beyond.

This weeks show starts off in L.A. then via Detroit to London Town with a side step to Glasgow & Sweden then out to Havana !! Mixing up the new Jazz Dance with Cosmic and Future Jazz we then go behind the Iron Curtain before a return to Londons Jazz Hotbed of talent. Wolverhampton Oh Yes ! Black Country Jazz Dance with

Cuban undertones plus our regular drop in to Japan then Australia .A vocal jazz session plus some more Chick Corea tributes !

Jazz Dance and Fusion from All Around The World !!

Fasten your seatbelts for another bumpy 3 Hours !!

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