Connections To Sound: Kayla Painter

Tune in for Kayla Painter‘s monthly show “Connections to Sound”. On every episode, she will be exploring our innate connection to sound through the world around us via playing music across the spectrum focusing on electronic, experimental, and downtempo for your Monday afternoon.

This month's show focuses on our connection to sound through all of the themes explored in the first six shows. Playing a selection of tracks that either resonate with our body, come from the natural world, draw on the landscapes around us, or simply music that connects us to other times, places or people.

On this show Kayla will jump into the mix to celebrate some of her latest singles from her upcoming EP, 'Somewhen'. Expect all things KP in the mix, the darker territories, the experimental soundscapes, offset with some uplifting tracks shining through. Ahead of the 'Somewhen' EP release and her upcoming live tour supporting Rival Consoles, make sure you tune in -this one is not to be missed!

Four tet - Parallel 4

Andrew Rothschild - Suede

Joel Wells - Aesthetic of Youth

Nomoon - Sands

Bishi - Language is an Ocean

Ross from Friends - The Daisy

Hannah Holland - Silhouette Swarms

Needles - Church Andrews & Matt Davies

Citizen Kane - Gas

Slugabed - out the window i go

Kayla Painter - Sacrifice the Other

Kayla Painter - Precipitation

Kayla Painter - Prey at Night

Kayla Painter - Mangrove Forest

Kayla Painter - Pack Your Bivouac

Kayla Painter - Made of Light

Kayla Painter - Blood Orange Beach

Kayla Painter - Unseen and Unknown

Kayla Painter - Keep Under Wraps

Kayla Painter - Fortitude Valley

Joy Orbison - Sparko

Space Afrika - yyyyyy2222

Joel St. Julien - Where I am

Sebastian Davidson & Cir-cle Motion - Move

Demure - Vuka

Heliochrysum - A Future Unfolds

Rival Consoles - Melodica

Jon Hopkins - A Drifting Up

Veins Full of Static - Old Haunts

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