Connections to Sound: Kayla Painter w/ Llyr

Tune in for Kayla Painter‘s monthly show “Connections to Sound”. On every episode, she will be exploring our innate connection to sound through the world around us via playing music across the spectrum focusing on electronic, experimental, and downtempo for your Monday afternoon. This month's show focuses on our connection to sound through all of the themes explored in the first six shows. Playing a selection of tracks that either resonate with our body, come from the natural world, draw on the landscapes around us, or simply music that connects us to other times, places or people.

Kayla is joined by a special guest, producer Llyr, ahead of his debut album release: 'Biome' out on Max Cooper's label Mesh. Biome is an expansive audio documentation of natural beauty and human impact, created from a library of sounds collected in the rainforests of Borneo. With one foot in the rave and the other committed to widescreen dynamics, dancefloor bangers sit side-by-side with textural ambient, sweeping harmonies and freeform electronica. Set for release on 29th July 2021, Biome is the first full-length album from Berlin resident Gareth Williams aka Llyr. Gareth will be joining Kayla to discuss the upcoming release and choose some guest selections.

Dorian Concept - Trophies
Koreless - Joy Squad
Rival Consoles - Pulses of Information
Peter Broderick - Let it Go - Blackberry Sunrise Mix by Aske Izan
Lau.ra - I’ll Wait
Yvois - Masks Off
Objekt - Ratchet
96 - Plucks
Gregor Dys - Memory CorruptionLlyr - The Hawthorne Effect
Roly Porter - In System
Llyr Winged - Chamber Music
Wild Ambience / Marc Anderson - Dusk By the Frog Pond
DjRUM - Sex
Llyr - Interject
Llyr - Chorus of InsectsThrowing Snow - Halos
Nico Rosenberg - Music Holds Us
Joshua Ward - Good to Know Hard to Go
Kayla Painter - Unseen and Unknown
Adam Janota Bzowski - South London Blood Moon
George Harrison - My Sweet Lord - Dave Lancaster cover
Philipp Chrome - Ludique
Cahill Costello - The Visitant
Nobuka - Of what Remains

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