Connections to Sound: Kayla Painter

Tune in for Kayla Painter‘s monthly show “Connections to Sound”. On every episode, she will be exploring our innate connection to sound through the world around us via playing music across the spectrum focusing on electronic, experimental, and downtempo for your Monday afternoon.

This month's show focuses on our connection to sound by playing a selection of tracks that either resonate with our body, come from the natural world, draw on the landscapes around us, or simply music that connects us to other times, places or people.

Kayla is joined by producer Inwards for a guest mix, celebrating his latest release on Small Pond records "Feeling so Fun Reality" EP.

Inwards - Hospital Job

Sun Alexander - Corinthian

Rival Consoles - I Like

Mira Calix - a mark of resistance

Helena Hauff - It Was All Fields Around Here When I Was A Kid

Daedelus & Joshua Idehen feat. Katie Dove Dixon - Haunted

Varsity Star - Mixtape

Zenjungle & Valiska - Holding Onto the Past

Verdance - Hold Secrets feat. Sooski

Clap! Clap! - Liquid Mantra

Inwards - Squeeze

Jlin - The Escape of The Black Rxbbit (ft. Avril Stormy Unger)

134 32ii - Bogdan Raczynski

™12°·∏_◊ıÇÏ - A Spectral Dog

Last Rushup 10 - The Tuss

Check It - Schacke

Sh,boom - Rush Plus

Leavin - Rune Bag

Trees are Dancing - DMX Krew

Zapz2(Ten) - A Spectral Dog

X22RME - Actress

Castor & Pollux - PTU

Chunks - FJAAK

Daniel Brandt - Kale Me

TSHA - Demba (feat. Trio Da Kali)

Gold Panda - You

Bob Holroyd - Continuum

Mira Calix - silence is silver

Kayla Painter - Consellation

Haiku Salut - Try Again And Again And Again

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