CoOp Presents: Selectors Assemble // 18-01-2019

Monthly show with Selectors Assemble, a growing collective of DJs producers, artists, movers and shakers that assist projects connected with CoOp presents and beyond.

Name Brand - Naive Instrument [White Label]
Brandon Coleman, Patrice Quinn & Techdizzle - Giant Feelings [Brainfeeder]
At Jazz - K'Thawck [White Label]
Alex Attias - Sync [Phonogramme]
DJ Polo - Lions Den [White Label]
Aroop Roy - Todo Mundo Tem Amor [G.A.M.M.]‎
DJ Kemit - I Will Follow U [Phonic Records]
Yaaba Funk - Oman Foa (Danvers Edit) [Sterns Edit]
Ebo Taylor - Mumudey Mumudey (Nature Flako Mix) [Mr Bongo]
Simbad - If You [White Label]
Ella Mcilwaine - Born Under A Bad Sign [Universal]
Simon grey - The Galatica Suite The Sweet Domu Remix [Papa Records]
Stones Taro - Holy Holly [Scuffed Recordings]
King Doudou Feat. Danitsa - Ndombolo NO3 Dub [Argent Sale]
Monomite - Lovindabass Mon Frer [Vertv]
Xanga - Futubol Banda Pra [White Label]
Phoentix Feat Brenden Mills - Blue Step (Silicone Chops) [White Label]
Allan Dilias - Jo Doesn't Cost [White Label]
Gallegos - Be Who You Wanna Be [White Label]
Slug Father - Movin' 2 Fast [Hi-Hat Appreciation Society]
Kaffe Creme - Johnny Hartman [VERTV]
Kaffe Creme - Umusa [VERTV]
Trev - Grey [Dance Regula]
Kno1 - Don't Do That [Forthcoming Dance Regula]
Nubiyan Twist - Headhunter (Simbad 4/4 Remix) [Wormfood]
Stagread - Unknown [Unknown]
DJ Marfox - Leffield Bass [White Label]
MC Fioti Feat. J Balvin & Future & Stefflon Don & Juan Magan - Bum Bum Tam Tam [Universal-Island Records]
Somebody - Xtra Brux [Dance Regula]
Onipa - Open My Eyes (Mr.Boom Remix) [Wormfood]
Sticky & Tubby T - Ganja (Silicone Chop Version) [Social Circles]
Wookie - Down On Me [ManChu Recordings]
Ruda Mean - Just Flow
Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet - Paris (Daniel Drumz Remix) [U Know Me Records]
Zed Bias & DJ Spinna - Forward and Back [Phonica Records]
Unknown - Kittle Rudeboy (Sonar Ghost Edit) [Unknown]
One Night Sivey - Nobody Else [CoOp Presents Forthcoming]
Oliver Knight - You Got To (Name Brand Remix) [CoOp Presents Forthcoming]
Xtra Brux- Hotshocks [Dance Regula]
Opaque - Sonic [Archive]
Landslide - Conundrum [Sick Trumpet]
Mantronix - King Of The Bonus Beats (Silicone Shops Edit) [Simply Vinyl]
Wish - Touch Me (Silicone Chops) [Unidisc Music]
Major Notes - Abeka Lapaz Dance [Lossol Entertainment]
Jock Club - Unknown [CoOp Present Forthcoming]

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