Coop Presents Selectors Assemble with IG Culture, Alex Phountzi & Oliver Night

Monthly show with Selectors Assemble, a growing collective of DJs producers, artists, movers and shakers that assist projects connected with CoOp Presents and beyond. The CoOp Presents label focuses on the wealth of talent that exists within London’s bruk/broken beat movement.

Lil Silva - September

Piers Kirwan - Flow Cold (dub) / Boogie Cafe

Danny Ethics - Sweat

Donsurf - Brazilintime / Dance Regular

Wheelup - Elana (bruk dub) / Tru Thoughts

Kid Fonque x Jonny Miller - Owakhu ft ASAP Shaembe (Bruk Rogers remix)

Oliver Night - Welcome (Mitch Vox Arx remix) / CoOp Presents

Mitch Vox Arx - Humble Tumble

XL Regular - JV1080 (EVM128 remix)

Close Counters - Speak In Truth ft Allysha Joy

Romaal Kultan - No Time Like The Future

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