Cosmo Sheldrake // 20-09-20

Tune in for an hour long Sunday treat from London-based multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and producer Cosmo Sheldrake.

joy nochols, Dick Bentley and Jimmy Edwards - Little red monkey

mort garson - Plantasia

cosmo Sheldrake -Nightjar [Tardigrade Records]

MariahShinzo no tobira

Cosmo Sheldrake and Merlin Sheldrake – Entangled life [Tardigrade Records]

Chemutoi Ketienya and Girls, - Chemi rocha

Mary Ford and Les Paul – It’s a lonesome old town [capitol records]

tom zé - Toc

Cosmo Sheldrake – The feet are the link poem by Robert Bringhurst [unreleased]

My journey to the sky – Sister Rosetta Tharp [Gospel train]

Cosmo Sheldrake – Wriggle [Transgressive records]

Bayaka - Women gathering mushrooms

Cosmo Sheldrake - Sonic experiment at the kings place, nature unwrapped music for 400 phones [unreleased]

Painted wolves – recorded by Nick lyon. Licensed by Cosmo Sheldrake

Cosmo Sheldrake – Sky lark [Tardigrade records]

dolly parton and chet atkins - Do I ever cross your mind [ the master and his music]

meridian brothers - Donde estas maria

Benjamin britten - Cuckoo song Cosmo Sheldrake Cover [tardigrade records]

western Massachusetts sacred harp convention - Consecration

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