Cosmodelica: Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy

Monthly show from Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, founder of Classic Album Sundays and the David Mancuso-indebted Lucky Cloud Loft Party in London. This month, Colleen presents a 50th year special Lucky Cloud Loft Party show. She is joined by Mark Riley, a former broadcaster on WLIB and a good friend of David Mancuso and musician Dexter Wansel who created one of Colleen's favourite Loft classics ‘Life on Mars’. Tracklist:

Dexter Wansel - The Sweetest Pain
Dexter Wansel - Disco Lights [Philadephia International]
Donny Hathaway - You Were Meant For Me [Atlantic Records]
Dexter Wansel - Voyager [Legacy Recordings]
Teddy Pendergrass - Only You [Philadelphia International]
Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars [Philadelphia International]
Babe Ruth - The Mexican [Harves]
Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa [Atlantic]
Celestial Choir - Stand On The Word [Larry]
Fred Wesley - House Party [Charly Records]
Alfredo De La Fe - My Favourite Things (Live Version) [Loft Audiophile Library of Music]

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