Crazy P // 29-10-20

Jim, Danielle and Chris from Crazy P present a two hour eclectic, multi-lingual mix of things tickling their ears at the moment, get the brews on and some good dunkers!

1 Dwilt Sharpp-I need you close
2 Fou de toi-Bay and Electrical Haitian Orchestra
3 Cast-Sweetness
4 Stubb-LOve not sex (More ra former mix)
5 Do You Blow-Bastedos
6 Never Gonna Leave New York-Grey
7 You Started It All (Ron Basejam dub instrumental)-Ragz Nordstet
8 Vampire Strings-Parks n Harv
9 Chu Kosaka-Bonboya-ji Hatoba
10 Moodymann-TiredOfLookin4UTime4U2ComeLookin4Me
11 Konk-Your Life (Do What You Want)
12 L’ isola Di Serie B-Nas1
13 Nu Guinea-Stann Fore
14 Recut-Runway
15 Connection-Future Four and I Cube (I Cube rework)
16 PPf-Muggamix
17 Alma Negra-Dakar Disco
18 Love Me Tonight (Moplen edit)Fern Kinney
19 Vol2-Eros
20 When We Touch-Splash
21 Anywhere You Want-Bastedos
22 Beyond-The Rah Band
23 M.E.A.N.D.N.J.B-Moodymann
24 As (Hot Toddy edit)-Elkie Brooks

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