Dar Disku // 05-03-20

Tune in for an hour of psychedelia, hip hop, disco and more with Dar Disku. As a DJ duo and label they celebrate music and creativity across Arabia. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/dar-disku-5/


Hamied El Shaeri - Alby El Shaeri [Mazzika Grouap]
Whoosha - You Are My Only One [Sonovision]
Hamid El Shari - Dellont [Sahara]
Cyber People - Void Vision [ZYX Music]
Abyusif - Waddi [Unknown]
Priscilla Chan - Di Qiu Da Zhui Zong [Universal Music]
Dj Linus - Tabla [Compost]
Ehab Toufic - Sahrany (Tjade Edit) [Dar Disku]
Arrow - O'la Soca (Jam Fierce Remix) [Chrysalis]
Tommy - One Night [ZYX music]
The Why Not - Gheddafi (Instrumental) [BMS]
Moving Still - Bas Ismaa Meny [Dar Disku]

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