Darker Than Wax: Dean Chew with MUNIR // 19-03-19

Show from Darker Than Wax's Dean Chew (AKA Funk Bast*rd). Darker Than Wax is an electronic music label based in Singapore, breaking bounds and grounds, progressing the music scene in their city and extending their influence globally. Through a growing stable of international artists and selectors, they continue to grow from strength to strength, tirelessly pushing for diversity in music and proving that categories are totally irrelevant. Dean is joined by a deep and knowledgeable digger MUNIR, also behind the Midnight Runners moniker who has released on Heavenly Sweetness, DTW, Hobo Camp, Omega Supreme and more.

DTW Intro
Honda Takehiro - Natural Tranquility [East Wind]
DJINN - Le Jardin de la Morte [Rocket Recordings]
Ronin Arkestra - Redeye Reprisal [Albert's Favourites]
Sue Barker - Love To The People [Crest International]
Dexter Story - Jijiga Jijiya (feat. Marie Daulne) [White Label]
The Reboot Joy Confession - Spirit Of The Planets feat. Dwight Trible [The Reboot Joy Confession]
Akid Amir - Wanita (produced by Fauxe) [Self-Released]
sachillpages - F.A.N.P. [sachillpages]
aywy - HABIBTI حبيبتي [Flow Fi]
Jitwam - Temptations [Self-Released]
The Stance Brothers - Minor Minor [We Jazz Records]
Dina Papilaya & Dina Mariana - Belajar Dansa [Self-Released]
Gordon Koang - Mal Mi Goa [Music in Exile]
Cro-magnon - Rhythm killer [Self-Released]
I, Ced - Percu (XL Middleton Remix) (feat. Moniquea) [MoFunk Records]
Potatohead People - Do My Thing (Kerem Akdag Remix) [Bastard Jazz]
Red Paradise - Love Me right [Bottom Line Records]
DJ Slym Fas - Luv Music [Intangible Records & Soundworks]
02 Red Rack'em - Devon Analogue 4.2 [Bergerac]
Li Ji Zhang - Contact (MIUNIR edit) [Self-Released]
----- MUNIR GUEST MIX-----
Kensuke Shiina - Ring Of Fire [Pussyfoot Records Ltd]
Arc - Something Wonderful [Inter 1 Records]
Manna - From Heaven [Self-Released]
Language - Breakdown Woo [Earth Recordings]
It's Thinking - Hyperion (DJ edit) [Frame Of Mind]
Nicolette - Waking Up [Shut Up And Dance Music]
DJ Slyngshot - Of XTC (Action Mix) [YAPPIN]
Rudolf C - Deep Sea Survivor [X-Kalay]
Munir - Safari [Not On Label]
DJ Ungel - Transpirits [Mirror Zone]
Watt Noize - It's My Life (Max D edit) [Warriors Dance]
Ludwig AF - Velocity [Exo Recordings International]

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