Debora Ipekel with Larissa Araz

Zel Zele co-founder and Turkish crate digger Debora Ipekel shares curious grooves from around the world.

Debora İpekel invites Istanbul based artist Larissa Araz. Anna Larissa Araz produces works in a variety of media including text, video, image and sound. Through a personal viewpoint, she focuses at the topics of history, identity, memory and belonging that are included or not included in social memory. The questions that are not answered by history that we repeatedly ask ourselves-or not anymore- are the main threads of an existential research of Araz.

Araz founded Poşe Artist Run Space in April 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. Poşe is conceived with an urge to establish a community. It is a physical and mental open-space for those who feel the need for dialogue and critique. Poşe have displayed many exhibitions including solo and group productions along with public programing and other contents.

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