Debora Ipekel with Batu Akyol (Turquazz Festival), Cem Kayiran (Bant Mag) // 28-02-19

Debora Ipekel's monthly show exploring sounds from around the world. Debora is joined by Cem Kayiran and Batu Akyol. For the first hour of the show, Debora invites Batu Akyol, documentary-maker and founder of London's new festival Turquazz that aims to shine a light on Anatolian jazz and roots culture from Turkey and surrounding regions with bring concerts, DJ sets, film screenings, talks and more. Known for his documentary "Jazz in Turkey" Batu will share archival recordings, current favourites and inspirations.

Cem Kayıran (Bant Mag.)
Realtime Concrete – Academy [White Label]
KAOSMOS – To Voyage [Avosync]
Barış Ergün – The Roots Follow [Shalgam Records]
Şevket Akıncı – Horsemen [A.K. Müzik]
Tuna Pase & Barkın Engin – Evlerde Karanlıklar [Tuna Pase]
D2GG – Fractus [White Label]
Ekin Fil – Like a Child [The Helen Scarsdale Agency]
Koray Kantarcıoğlu – Atlas [Discrepant]
Marika – The Wolf II [White Label]
KASTENFAUL – 7m1 [White Label]
Terroir – Cabron [Who Are We Who We Are]
Klaustro – Lung Haus [White Label]
İpek Görgün – Kairos [TOUCH]

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