Debora Ipekel with Chillera // 23-05-19

Debora Ipekel's monthly show exploring adventurous sounds from around the world. Debora Ipekel invites Chillera for a guest mix. Chillera is a band from Odessa, Ukraine made up from Ganna Brizhata on bass, Polina Matskevich on electric guitar and Anastasia Marikutsa on drums. The band released their first 7" in 2017 from Ukranian label Muscut, bringing together dub-rhythms, surf rock, and psychedelic lo-fi sounds. Watch out for these girls, their EP "Pro Fun" will be out this autumn!

Ariel Kalma - Ecstasy Musical Mind Yoga [RVNG INTL]
Yusus Lateef - Love and Humor [Prestige]
Infinite Sound - Do It All
Eddie Harris - Turbulence [Atlantic]
Brigitte Fontaine - Patriarcat [Saravah]
Kit Sebastian - Kuytu [Mr. Bongo]
Temple Sun - Méditeranée
Euraf Yard Sound Groove Systim - Cannibals Dub [Euraf]
Chillera - Schax [Muscut]
Chillera - Volna [Muscut]
Chillera - Ostrova Bezi [Muscut]
Lucin Beausonge - Ghetto [RCA Victor]
Hematic Sunsets - Junge Rümpfe [Dekorder]
Carlos Vivanco - Alma Solitaria Vubey [White Label]
Black Sea Dub Creators - Shell Rock Dub [White Label]
Rupie Edwards - Buckshot Dub [Cactus]
Indirect - Click Song [White Label]
Fleischesmarkt - Priliv ( High Tide ) [White Label]
Dubmasta & RootsControlla - Yes I -え_ [SKP Records]
Sly Dunbar - Battle of Jerico [Island]
Tapes - Atomic Rydim
Run Dust - Oil & Gas
Wally Badarou - Hi-Life
Bourbonese Qualk - Westblock
Tonny Allen - Get Together
Judy Nylon & Crucial - Room Without A View
Бока - Девушка в платье из ситца
Mlin Patz - Mavki Dab
The Ecstasy of St. Theresa - Surfing on Steam (Chet Desmond Melde Dich Mix)
Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - Darker Side Of Night

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