Debora Ipekel with Dj Champetaman and Dj Najle (Palenque Records) // 23-01-2020

Zel Zele boss and Turkish record collector Debora Ipekel showcases curious grooves from around the world. For this month's show, Debora is joined by Palenque Records, a label specialised in Afro-Colombian music, founded in 1996 by filmmaker Lucas Silva aka. Dj Champetaman. Since then, the released countless records changing the face of Afro-Colombian music, with a fusion of modern and traditional sounds. Palenque Records' vast catalogue includes Son Palenque, Batata y su Rumba Palenquera, Colombiafrica, Abelardo Carbono, Sexteto Tabala, Faraon Bantu, Son Palenque and many more artists, from champeta to African music. On the second half of Debora's show, label founder DJ Champetaman and label member DJ Najle jump on guest duties with a 1-hour mix. Tracklist:

Badge Époque Ensemble - Nature Man, Nature Woman
Konstrukt & Ken Vandermark - Semazen
Upperground Orchestra - Barene
Portrait and a dream - Homo, fuge!
JJ Whitefield - 14/08
Karaba - Der Inder
Sunwatchers - Ptah, El Daoud
Sandcatchers - Washed and Wild
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - South Leo St. Stomp (Live)
Luiz Bonfa - Apache Talk
Melodiya Jazz Ensemble - Fire riverDj Champetaman and Dj Najle (Palenque Records) Guest Mix Abelardo Carbono - Shalcarri
Abelardo Carbono Feat Quantic - La Pina Madura
FARAON BANTU / The Busy Twist remix - Macaco Mata el Toro
FARAON BANTU Ft. Monosoniko & ChampetaMan - El Vacilon del Faraon
Colombiafrica Orchestra ft. Bopol & Dally Kimoko - Zarandia Champeta
Son Palenque - Adios Batata CERRERO DUB MIX
Colombiafrica & Luis Towers –The Busy Twist remix - Mama Africa
FARAON BANTU – Quantic Feat Louis Towers - Westbound Train
Son Palenque - Yo me Voy
Gualajo – DJ PANKO REMIX - El Patakore
Son Palenque – Ghetto Kumbe remix - A Pila el Arroz
Son Palenque - Thornato remix - El Calabongo
Dj Rata Piano - El maxi taquillero

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