Deep Forward: Borge with Planet Rescue // 26-08-19

Suma Sound DJ/Selector and Worldwide FM head engineer Borge is in the studio for his new 2-hour show. Borge is joined for a guest mix by Planet Rescue co-founder Bedroom Badman. Tracklist:

Motoko & Myers - Whimbrel [Future Times]
Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus - Item 2 [West Mineral LTD.]
Obalski - Britney [Public Possetion]
Siete Catorce & Amazondotcom - Sad Hug [Nostro Hood System]
Stereotyp - JUST Riddim [Bandcamp]
I Jahbar - Ipy Ipy (Duppy Gun Prod.) [Bokerh Versions]
Nacho & Lijay - Poul [Black Stane]
S I N - T O K - L`Intro - Que Du Cul [Soundcloud]
The CEO Of Everything - Force majeure [Incompetence]
Low Jack - Dinner [Editions Gravats]
Tima Stil - Truc de ouf [Yanishi Recordz]
K.o & Mantana - Kitty [LOW] [Soundcloud Download]
Jor'Dan - Mad Boss [LOW] [Soundcloud Download]
Maxwell - Back It Up [LOW] [Soundcloud Download]
NA DJ - Buzz [Bandcamp Download]
Skinny ft Freezy - At It Again [Soundcloud Download]
Krushproof Muzik - Playtime Riddim [Instrumental] [Krushproof Muzik]
Mr Lexx - Giggle Wine - [Raw] - [Playtime Riddim ] [Krushproof Muzik]
Pamputtae - Attack - [Raw] - [Playtime Riddim ] [Krushproof Muzik]
Carmen Villain - I Trust You (DJ Python Remix) [Smalltown Supersound]
Planet Rescue Guestmix
Dubmonger - Haze of Delays [Dub Merchants]
Lurka - Stay Let’s Together [Wisdom Teeth]
Tulips - B1 [Unknown]
Mr Mitch - Not Modular [Gobstopper]
Itoa - Icy [Bad Taste]
Equiknoxx - Fly Away [Swing Ting]
Machinedrum - Isometrix [Ninja Tune]
Naram - Jealous Version [Red Robin]
Low Jack - More Speed [Editions Gravats]
Miso - Search (edit) [Unknown]
Full Moon Scientist - Lunar Bass Du [Unknown]
Beggs New Sound
Elijah Minnelli - DUB [Breadminster County Council Music Inititave]
Cando - Bleak Dub [Livity Sound]
Comment Section
MC Bin Laden & DJ FB - Pananananaram [Soundcloud Download]
Junior Loves - Nore [Bandcamp Download]
Bonka - B1 dosheepdreamofandroidelectrics [INTA]
Shigeto - Alley Oop [Vanity Press]
Qnete - Touching Down, Taking Off [X-Kalay]
Slackk - Back of Corsica (Demo) [Bandcamp Download]

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