Deep Forward with Borge // 28-09-20

Suma Sound DJ/Selector and Lemon Lounge Co-Founder Borge is in the studio for his monthly two hour show.

Loto Retina - Aroy [Promesses]
Arca - Obelisk [PAN]
Neinzer - Cause Pan Tact Insoluble [Where To Now?]
Elijah Minnelli - Venn Diagram DUB [Breadminster County Council]
Anja Ngozi & Maxwell Owin - Pastor feat. O the ghost [Síbín]
Parris - Yūrei [The Trilogy Tapes]
Dj Python - Rosada [Kebrada]
Blacksea Nao Maya - Tchiling District [Príncipe]
Dj Boofy x Shenseea - Rmx Bad Habit [Soundcloud]
Leerod Banton & Lov'Nee - Stamina [Trucha Corporation]
Gavsborg - Unexplainable Dog Hair In My Hair Oil [Equiknoxx music]
Gerry Franke - La Corona [Taxfree]
rRoxymore - Forward Flamingo (Joe Remix) [Don't be Afraid]
Lou Karsh - Lifeforms [X-Kalay]
Stones Taro - Muddy Fish [YAM]
Blanco - Anakin [Polydor]
Nuno Beat - bué d ba [Soundcloud]
DJ Lycox - ESTALA DO ADAMM [Soundcloud]
The Heavyweight Kru - The Drea-MM [Not on Label]
Instinct x 0113 - Ignite [Instinct]
AceMo · Les Sins - Holy Cow [Bandcamp]
Manix - Special Request (DJ Guy Version) [Sneaker Social Club]
Uffe - City's Dead (Wrapped in Plastic) [On The Corner]
Kush Jones - The Vibe [BANDCAMP]
Detroit's Filthiest - Hot Cheetos [Casa Voyager]
Anz - Loos In Twos (NRG) [Hessle Audio]
Loraine James - Marg ft. Tardast [Hyperdub]
E-Unity - A1 - Duo Road [Temet]
Romaal Kultan - Whygad [Dr Banana]
G3 - aRby [Rudimentary Records]
AM - I Ain't A Yardie (Explicit) [Finesse Foreva]
Solitary Dancer - Will U Meet Me [Private Possessions]
Nick León - Luna y Sol Ft, Lila Tirando a Violeta [Kebrada]
Lurka - Scanners 2002 [Bandcamp]
D.K - Cham dance [Bandcamp]
Kamus - Karnival [Woozy]
G Sudden - Bunout [Bokeh Versions]
Bigote - Ind-Dan [Bandcamp]
Beggs New Sound
Lunch Money Life - Lincoln VIP (ft. Flowdan) [Scenic Route]
Chavinski - Buy a Dream [Sneaker Social Club]
Coco Bryce - The Unseen [Rupture]
Tim Reaper - (I Can) Feel It [Lobster Theremin]

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