Deep Forward with Borge // 31-07-20

Suma Sound DJ/Selector and Lemon Lounge Co-Founder Borge is in the studio for his monthly two hour show.

Smiley Culture - Cockney Translation [Fashion]
Radius Etc - Earth Hydration (Root & First Eye Chakra) [ETC]
YL - Been Gone [RRR Music Group]
MIKE - alert* (prod. by dj blackpower) [10k]
AKAI SOLO - Nebula (prod. Roper Williams) [Break All Records]
Boldy James / Sterling Toles - Requiem [Sector 7 Recordings]
Jadasea and redLee - Streets Talking [Bandcamp]
R.A.P. Ferreira - PINBALL ft Open Mike Eagle [Ruby Yaught]
lojii - lo&behold [prod. swarvy] [Bandcamp]
Hus Kingpin - A King's Muse [Bandcamp]
Wonky Logic - Ther rOad AHead [Bandcamp]
Kevin From Ivory Coast - Did Not Make This For Jah_9 ft. Shanique Marie [Equiknox music]
Dip Friso - Bad Apple [Real and Scape]
Tweety Bongo - Dab Dub [Planet Euphorique]
Actapulgite - Le Piège - Ten Eight Seven Mastered [Eclipse Tribez]
Sly and Mafia - Poison [Fashion]
REQ & Smudge - Smudge's Coffee [Seagrave]
Poison Chang - Whe Ya Batty Deh (Version) [Fashion]
Lijay - Bad (with Nacho) [Black Stane]
70 SHIINE & Nacho - Domino [Black Stane]
Dj BeBeDeRa - RAXVII [Soundcloud Download]
Shielding - Timekeeper [Wisdom Teeth]
Tapes - Tapes Silence Please Snippit [Good Morning Tapes]
Ultima Esuna - Pradera [Bandcamp]
E B U - Light Show [No Corner]
Watson - Hot Potato [Eclipse Tribez]
Elkka - Bleep+ [Self Released]
NO ONE - DON'T DO DAT [Dance Regular]
Cousin Cockroach - The Complex Mind of Big Foot [Blueberry Records]
NOIRE - blessin it (LIMIT) [Forthcoming Ghosts Notes Worldwide]
Geeneus - RUKUS [Dump Valve Recordings]
0113 - - Hard Lines [Instinct]
Nuno Beats - Esse Verão [Príncipe]
Blanco - Memphis [Polydor]
Breaka - Steeze Flex [Self Released]
Zazim Soundsystem - 139 [XXIII]
BXKS - Packed In! [Self Released]
Belan - Belan 2 [No Corner]
Interplanetary Criminal - Vapour [Banoffee Pies]
Al Wootton - Come Close [Trule]
Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv [Lobster Theremin]
T.Power - Lipsing jam ring [SOUR]

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