DJ-Kicks Radio: Juba with Will Saul // 03-12-20

!K7 Records is celebrating 25 years of DJ-Kicks mixes in 2020! To commemorate this, we're very happy to present to you: DJ-Kicks Radio on Worldwide FM. Throughout the year Juba will be catching up with past DJ-Kicks contributors, as well as artists on the DJ-Kicks radar, for in-depth chats, music and more. For the final DJ-Kicks Radio of the 25th anniversary year, Juba is joined by the man who has been bringing together the series for half a decade, Will Saul. Off the back of his own DJ-Kicks mix which came out in June 2014, Will Saul has been A&R for DJ-Kicks and !K7 Records alongside producing, DJing and running two labels, Aus Music and Simple Records. Juba and Will reflect on his work with !K7 Records, as well his own DJ-Kicks, the series' legacy and more. The show also finishes off with a mix from Will Saul which evokes the original spirit of DJ-Kicks.

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