DJ Soulscape // 13-01-2020

South Korea's DJ Soulscape aka Min June Park presents a new wave of music from East Asia and beyond. Tracklist: ‎

KIMPRO - 나릿나릿 [Self Release]
Sojeso - Ore [SSE Project]
Maalib - Jimi [SSE Project]
Beautiful Disco - Mind Explosion [SSE Project]
Moon & Bouncers meets Valencia - Fighter [Self Release]
Moon & Bouncers meets Valencia - Pipapo [Self Release]
HNGIN - Beautiful Mayday [Self Release]
Salamanda - Ocean Puts a Fake Spell on Me [Tonal Unity]
Salamanda - Bird Cage [Self Release]
Salamanda - Jenga (Knopha Remix) [Tonal Unity]
ONN1 - Uproar [The Architects Records]
RADIOFEAR - Robotic 4000 [The Architects Records]
백현진 - 별무리 [리웨이뮤직앤미디어]
백현진 - 고속도로 [리웨이뮤직앤미디어]
Cadejo - No Service [Self Release]
11min - snow keeps falling [Weather Music]
TEHO - improvise 02 [Unreleased Live Recording]
TEHO - cuban winter II [Unreleased Live Recording]
Somdef - OMG (feat. sokodomo) [Mother Media]
espionne - Reflexao [LG 생활건강]

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