DJ Soulscape with C'est Qui // 14-01-19

Min June Park aka DJ Soulscape, one of the best known and most respected DJs in South Korea, has been arranging and composing music under a whole other persona since as early as 2000. Coming direct from Seoul, Soulscape will be offering an eclectic blend of old and new, paying homage to forgotten Korean music from the 1960s and 70s. On this show, you will be hearing the premiere of DJ Soulscape's 7 new songs made for Seoul Sori Song Camp with a sample pack of Korean traditional instruments. He will also be joined by C'est Qui, one of the most promising DJ duos in the house music scene now.

Simo(시모) - Chick Chick Pok Pok(칙칙 폭폭) (Feat. Jibin, Supreme boi, MalmiKing) [Redbull Music]
FRNK(프랭크) - Manshin(만신) [Redbull Music]
IOAH(아이오아) - bingle bingle(빙글빙글) (Feat. SUMIN) [Redbull Music]
Zayvo(제이보) - Energy(에너지)[Redbull Music]
Yangyang(양양) - Maehwa(매화).wav [Redbull Music]
Lionclad(라이언클레드) - Telly(텔리) (Feat. 김심야).wav [Redbull Music]
Akimbo(아킴보) - Jirisan Breeze(지리산 브리즈).wav [Redbull Music]
이판근과 한국재즈 올스타 - 가시리 [Angel]
윤복희 - 한오백년 [지구]
김희갑 - 밀양 아리라 [Universal]
방아 - 흥부가 [홍보반]
DJ Soulscape - Theme For The Han River [STUDIO 360]
Qim Isle - HEELS (Feat. Kim Ximya, Simo) [Self-Released]
Mignon - Wasted DNA (Feat. Moldy) [HBR]
Lionclad - NASA (Feat. Sogumm) [Unreleased]
Woogie - Welcome To Seoul (Feat. Ugly Duck , pH-1, 박재범) [H1GHER MUSIC]
Special Guest Mix: C’est Qui (DJ Naone + Closet Yi)
Simoncino - Abele dance [L.I.E.S.]
Desert Sound Colony - Tickle me Pink [Holding Hands]
Alex. Do - Holm [Dystopian]
Bass Clef - Unlundone (Original Mix) [The Trilogy Tape]
Boot & Tax - Confuzed House [Optimo Trax]
Rudulf C - Indian Rope [Salt Mines]
Dj Bowlcut - Day and NIght
Giraffi Dog - Pino Mango [Aiwo rec]
Nathan Micay - Beginning Ballads [WHITIES]
Schwefelgelb - Wie Die Köpfe [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Mignon - Urban Forest [Honey Badger Records]
Rudolf C - Granite State [Salt Mines]
Hesloten Cirkel - Hole [Berceuse Heroique]
Almanty - Gennaro (Original Mix) [Naive]
Underworld - Surfboy [Junior Boy’s Own]
Reptant - Ectoplastic [Planet Euphorique]

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