Drummers Inc: Kilchhofer Anklin // 19-03-19

Drummers Inc. is a weekly series, giving our favourite drummers a platform to showcase their favourite rhythms. For this week's Drummers Inc. we have Kilchhofer and Anklin in the studio with their new album 'Moto Perpetuo' out on Marionette.

Kilchhofer Anklin - Zinnen [Marionette]
Joshua Abrams - Translucent [Eremite Records]
Malcolm Braff - Crimson Waves [Enja]
Twinkle³ with Sidsel Endresen - The Kessler Cascade (Debris In Lower Earth Orbit, [Cuspeditions]
Volker Böhm - Heissenberg [Clang]
Pierre Bastien - Edo Ode [Morphine Records]
Strotter Inst. - #13 [Hinterzimmer Records]
Colin Stetson - Between Water and Wind [52Hz]
Tomaga - Days Like They Were Before [Hands In The Dark]
Burnt Friedman - Near Life [Marionette]
David Toop - Sea Slug [Room40]
Dim Grimm - Blumen [Dim Grimm]
Eli Keszler - Fashion Of Echo [Shelter Press]
Schnellertollermeier - Massacre du Printemps [Cuneiform Records]
Stimmhorn - Triohatala [Röhrender Hirsch]
Terje Isungset, Stian Westerhus - Laden With Rain #3 [FMR Records]
Julian Sartorius - Noiraigue - Sainte-Croix [Everest Records]
Jez riley French - shee(r) glan [Jez riley French]
Andrea Belfi - Wege D [Room40]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Unkerich [PIAS Recordings]
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - The Ballad Of Bobby Pyn [Paw Tracks]
Kilchhofer Anklin - Greina [Marionette]

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