Drummers Inc: Sarathy Korwar live from New Delhi // 09-04-19

Drummers Inc. is a weekly series, giving our favourite drummers a platform to showcase their favourite rhythms. This week, percussionist, drummer and producer Sarathy Korwar presents two hours of his influences along with composer, musician, sound artist, Jason Singh.  Sarathy is coming to you live from boxout.fm - New Delhi.

Fopchu - The Undulating Brood Swing [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Fopchu - Roomie Blues [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Fopchu - Chapel O Fopalop (Ft. Father G-Cuz) [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Jamblu (feat. SISTER) - HabibiLovesRaves [Unreleased]
Corridors - Where Are You [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Corridors - 700 Rupees [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Hedrun - Pankhi (feat. Barmer Boys) [TAABIIR]
MALFNKTION & Shayan - Charlie sheen [Independent]
SHALLWE - Association of Comfort [Independent]
Salty prawn - Fallen Villian [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Salty Prawn - Water vs Light [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Salty Prawn - Blue Room [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Yung.raj - talkabtyu [Independent]
Salty prawn - Nature Behave [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Phatcowlee - chino [Consolidate Records]
Peter Cat Recordings Co. - There’s no love here [Independent]
Pardafash - Dark chocolate [Azadi Records]
Karun Ramani - Snacks (feat. Zafar Ansari)
Tienas - Queen’s Necklace [Azadi Records]
Anoop - fml [Independent]
Disco Puppet - princess this - Hhhh (Intro) Live version [Consolidate Records]
Profound - Miko [Independent]
Echofloat - darkness [Independent]
Dutty Deedz - Assasin’s Riddim [Skip-A-Beat]
Zokhuma - Shatter [Independent]
Ramya Pothuri - summer [Independent]

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