Drummers Inc: Vula Viel with Peter Zummo (Live) // 30-03-20

We have Bex Burch from Vula Viel in the studio for a 2-hour Drummers Inc show. Tune in for a live session by Vula Viel and the legendary composer and trombonist Peter Zummo. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/drummers-inc-bex-burch-with-peter-zummo-live/

Moondog - Viking
Wildflower - Where The Wild Things Dance
Peter Zummo, Leon Brichard, George Bird, Bex Burch - One Day Band [Forthcoming Trestle Records]
Go: Organic Orchestra, Ragmala, A Garland of Ragas - Mousa Azure [Northernspy Records]
Elder Ones - Dvapara Yuga (For Eric Garner) [Northernspy Records]
Evelyn Glennie, Roly Porter: One Day Band [Trestle Records]
// Vula Viel live session //
What’s Not Enough About That
Peter Zummo, Actual Serpentine - hopeunheard [tinangle records]
// Vula Viel Live session //
GROW [Vula Viel Records]
Peter Zummo, Coffee Pot (Tom Skinner, Tom Herbert, Robert Stillman, Bex Burch) [Live at Cafe OTO]
// Vula Viel Live session //
The Vernon Spring
Strength Of A Young Man
Horse Lords - Encounter II / Intervention II
Wide And Blue Hometown Detroit Sessions - [Strut Records]
Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata [Strut records]
Agile Experiments 1: Rossetti, Bonell, De Rose
Skylla - What’s really important she wanted to know - part 1 (M6) - [Ruth Goller Unreleased]
ONIPA - Kon Kon Sa ft. Wiyaala
Ma, Medicinal - Matt Calvert
Peter Zummo Song II Left; On The Beat - Frame Loop [Foom Recordings]

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