Earlybird: Lefto // 29-07-20

Our weekly Earlybird show direct from Brussels with renowned European tastemaker Lefto at the controls. Firmly rooted in jazz, Lefto explores upfront music from genres spanning hip hop to club sounds. This week's show features upcoming music from The Gaslamp Killer, Elisa Bee, Makaya Mc Craven, LB AKA Labat as well as an exclusive Addison Groove banger and much, much more.

aretha franklin - call me
kamaal williams - toulouse
carlos nino & friends - actually
space captain - birthday cards
deborah jordan - powerlight
blu & exile - spread sunshine
babyfather, john glacier, vegyn - manna
the twilite tone - do it properly
rivage - answer
athlete whippet - queen of hearts
j. cole - lion king on ice
jessy lanza - anyone around
von d - chestlick
flowdan - welcome to london (j sparrow remix)
makaya mc craven - half steppin’
makaya mc craven - everybody cool
the gaslamp killer - to fathom hell or to soar angelic
manfredo fest - that’s what she says
bocaraca - cahuita
koko - grama graphtos
mel o madnezz - beautiful day
kamaal williams - save me
s3a - ill ’heritage
cinthie - 2k garage
addison groove - loose job
rushmore - is it ok
destiny71x - t30001
scntst - basement structure
elisa bee - orbit
lb aka labat - thx hood
dj detox - ounces to pounds

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