Emma-Jean Thackray: Chordless

Monthly show from jazz musician and producer Emma-Jean Thackray, exploring the latest and best in jazz and beyond.

This month Emma dives into chordless jazz combos (no piano or guitar) and asks the question, “are they as good as other cordless innovations, such as the phone or the vacuum?” Spoiler: yes.

onyx collective - FDR DRIVE

kenny garrett - DELFEAYO’S DILEMMA

don cherry - AWAKE NU

irreversible entanglements - CHICAGO TO TEXAS

ornette coleman - EVENTUALLY

art ensemble of chicago - THEME DE CELINE

onyx collective - SKATE PARK


polar bear - BE FREE

matana roberts / josh Abrams / chad Taylor - EQUALLY STRONG

art ensemble of chicago - 597-59

walter smith III - ADAM’S APPLE

ornette coleman - LAW YEARS

joshua redman - ACT NATURAL

the pyramids - AOMAWA

onyx collective - 97 ALLEN ST

kenny garrett - PRESSING THE ISSUE

walter smith III - CONTRAFACT

killer shrimp - JECKYLL AND HYDE

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