Emma Warren with Duval Timothy // 10-07-20

Monthly show from journalist and broadcaster Emma Warren. This month, Emma is joined by multidisciplinary artist Duval Timothy who lives and works between London and Freetown, Sierra Leone. He offers up some key selections and perspectives.

Soccer96 feat Alabaster DePlume ‘Buy It’ - [Moshi Moshi]

Mera Bhai - ‘Jama El F’na’ bootleg [Moshi Moshi]

Tenderlonius - ‘Quarantena’ [22a]

Sault - ‘This Generation feat Laurette Josiah’ [Forever Living Originals]

Sault - ‘We We Cry Why We Die’ [Forever Living Originals ]

‘Spanish Jawn’ - [Lil Dave Osage refix ] [Self Release]

Keleketla - ‘5&1’ [Ninja Tune]

Duval Timothy - ‘First Rain’ [Carrying Colour]

Policarpo Calle - ‘Asi Se Baila La Cumbia’ [Latin Records]

Lo$ - ‘Cumbia Del Monte’ [Narcos Beats]

Le Hot Bier Gang - ‘Cumbia Melancolia’ [Discos Del Saladillo]

Duval Timothy interview

Duval Timothy - ‘Introvert’ [Carrying Colour ]

Duval Timothy - ‘Ball’ [Carrying Colour]

Duval Timothy - ‘Whale’ [Carrying Colour]

Duval Timothy - ‘Slave ft Twin Shadow’ [Carrying Colour]

Mr Mitch - ‘Patrimony’ [Self Release ]

Budgie - ‘Higher’ [Holy Ghost Zone]

Hejira - ‘Thread of Gold’ [Lima Limo Records]

Absolute Focus: ‘Pahadi Aochar Alap’

Absolute Focus: ‘Pahadi Aochar Alap’

Skyminds - ‘Beneath The Lake’ [Internal Rhythm]

Greg Foat - ‘Of My Hands’ [Athens of the North]

Oui Ennui - ‘Oeuvre D’isolement’ [Self Release]

Standing On The Corner - ’G-E-T-O-U-T!! The Ghetto Pt.1 [Creative Mysteries Arts]

Standing On The Corner - ’G-E-T-O-U-T!! The Ghetto Pt.2 [Creative Mysteries Arts]

Soccer96 feat Alabaster DePlume - ‘I Was Gonna Fight Fascism’ [Moshi Moshi]

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