Emma Warren with Roger Robinson and Dominic Canning (Project Karnak) // 12-06-20

Writer Emma Warren is joined by Roger Robinson who brings a spiritual jazz protest mix combining music, speech and his own poetry from the award-winning A Portable Paradise. Also features an interview and tunes from Dominic Canning of Project Karnak. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/emma-warren-with-roger-robinson-and-dominic-canning-project-karnak/

Origin - Musicman feat Shaka (Dorado)
Angel Bat Dawid - No Space Fo Us (International Anthem)
Damon Locks – Stay Beautiful (International Anthem)
// Roger Robinson spiritual jazz protest mix //

Amiri Baraka excerpt
Wanda Robinson – Because They Envy Us
Kamau Daood – Tears
Basil Hodge – Mode For Mc Coy w/ Roger Robinson ‘The Darkening Red Of Your Blood’ Poem
Roland Rahsan Kirk – Volunteered Slavery
Amiri Baraka – Who Will Survive America
Doug Carne – Ghosts
Doug and Jean Carne – Higher Ground
Last Poets - It’s A Trip
Afropean – Abolition Day
Martin Luther King – We Shall Overcome Excerpt
Shabaka Hutchins and the Ancestors – Go My Heart Go To Heaven
Wayne Shorter - Deluge (Arr. Robert Mitchell, Perf. J-Life)
Dudley Perkins – Forevaendless
Dudley Perkins – Flowers
June Tyson – Somebody Else’s World
Theon Cross - Candace of Meroe (Sounds of the Universe)
An Alien Called Harmony - After The Dance (Self Released)
Roseland En Why Cee - Maria's Interlude (Self released)
Londi - The Legacy (Self Released)
Standing On The Corner - Angel (Self Released)
// Dominic Canning interview //
Qais Essar - The Waves (Self Released)
Project Karnak - Element (Self Released)
Steam Down - Free My Skin (Decca)Steve Spacek - Really Wanna (SPA Records)
Strictly Jaz Unit - Tempestuous (Strictly Jaz Unit Music)
Barbara Ann - The Piano Choir (Strata East)

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