Esa Presents // 13-12-2018

A monthly show by London based South African, Esa Williams presents friends, sounds from his travels and new discoveries.

Hugh Masekela - The Boy's Doin' It [Verve Records]
The Unknown Cases - Masimbabele [Strut]
Barbatuques - Baiana [MCD]
Dreamcast Feat. Will DiMaggio & DJ EAZ - Up 2 U [Future Times Records]
Joe Armon-Jones Feat. Ashebar - Mollison Dub (Vocal Version) [Brownswood Recordings]
River Yarra - Sli GGOGG [Antinote]
Wally Badarou - Chief Inspector [4th & Broadway]
Nu Guinea - Ddoje Facce [The Pusher Digital]
Unknown - Puma The Dolphin [Crevette Records]
Sea Bee - I Wanda Why [Gallo Records Company]
Esa London - London Mix (Beesmunt Soundsystem Remix) [Endless Flight]
PVP - Tshilidzi [Not On Label]
Blay Ambolley - Simi Rapp (Original Mix) [Multi Culti]
Professor Rhythm - Via Botswana [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Stimela - Mind Games [Gallo Record Company]
Lucky Merekei - Action [Accord Music]
Pascal Latour - Unreleased [Unreleased]
Mattheis - PR8 [Nous'klaer Audio]
Dea Bandara - Unreleased [Unreleased]
Dur Dur Band - Unreleased [Unreleased]
Joutro Mundo - Novela [Not On Label]
Jordan Mccuaig - What Is Love [Not On Label]
Bobby Masalo - New Dance [Not On Label]
Lurka - Hit Move [Time Dance Records]
Gilles Peterson - This Is America (Remix) [Unknown]
Mim Suleimin - Unknown [Unknown]
Jean-Luc Ponty - Computer Incantations For World Peace [Polydor Records]
Bombers - Dance Dance Dance [Baby Records]

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